Day Five in the Field

November 21, 2008


Ranger Millan proudly showcases a steamer filled with weenies

Nothing inspires camaraderie like a good old-fashioned weenie roast! We lured them with the scent of tube steaks, and within minutes they were drinking fresh-squeezed lesbianade and sporting Junior Lesbian Ranger badges! Rarely have we had the pleasure of converting so many, so quickly. A triumphant ending to what has been a most fruitful week.

Of course recruitment is but the first step. Retention is key. On this, the eve of our departure, we worry about backsliding. A student’s university years are often filled with the playful abandon of joyful experimentation. But alas, upon graduation, many a fine young woman feels the weight of the world upon her and reverts to camouflage (often used as a survival strategy, but not recommended by the Rangers.) Has-bianism is a real problem. All we can do is hope and pray that no Lethbridgian will meet such a fate, and know in our hearts that we have done our utmost to swell the ranks.

We zip up our pup tent one last time here in Southern Alberta, exhausted yet confident that we leave the ecosystem healthier than we found it.


Ranger Dempsey serving refreshing lesbianade to the student body


Ranger Millan serves up a weenie to a freshly christened Junior Lesbian Ranger


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