Day Four in the Field

November 20, 2008


The Rangers pose with their latest recruit at Lethbridge’s Tourist Info Booth

Confident that we have touched or been touched by as much as one quarter of the student body, we ventured off campus today. We did so with some trepidation. We feared that years of unnatural disasters such as right wing  governments and religious fundamentalism had taken a toll on Southern Alberta. It was also possible that the citizens of Lethbridge, being for the most part older than the impressionable youths who make up the community of University “Pronghorns”, would pose an even greater challenge to Rangerly research, education and recruitment. However, our misgivings were unfounded.

The sights and sounds of this place continue to delight! From storefronts to info booths, coffee shops to hotel hallways, the fine folks of Lethbridge greet us with excitement. Why we can scarcely turn around without a friendly nuzzle from all and sundry!

Do we begin to sadden at our looming departure? Yes. But as professional lesbians, it is both our burden and our good fortune to free-range from coast to coast in lesbianism’s service. Lethbridge is but one ecosystem we can now call home.


The Rangers discover Lethbridge’s famous westerly wind


Walking the beat in Downtown L.A.


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