Day Three in the Field

November 19, 2008


The Rangers on trail

Devoted as we are, there are there are days when even the hardiest Ranger feels that she would be better off cozy in her camp roll, safe in the warm embrace of a damp dream. Sometimes self-doubt plagues the pluckiest footsoldier, and fatigue weighs heavy upon her body and mind. The sheer number of feral lesbians that await our study is staggering. Why, the very thought leaves us breathless. So it is no wonder that occasionally we waiver. This rare reticence was no doubt compounded by the light dusting of snow that greeted us this morning, chilling our spirits and our knees. And yet, if not the Lesbian Rangers, then who will study Sapphic species yet unplumbed? Who? Who? Who?

The pull of duty and sturdy limbs roused us up, out and onto the bushpath once again. And we were not disappointed. Our day was filled with surprising inroads.

Transcendent moments abounded: an enthusiastic greeting at The Zoo, an opportunity to demonstrate our finely-tuned “gaydar”, and a comradely encounter in the ladies’ loo returned the spring to our step. Certainly there was frustration and yes, exhaustion. Questions crowded our furrowed brows. Will we meet our goals in the short time left to us here? Will our work lift beleaguered lesbian wildlife out of the underbrush and into the hearts and hallways of U of L? Do we have what it takes?

As we swapped tales of adventure with the smartly uniformed lady bus driver on our weary way home, we could not help but feel optimistic, uplifted and filled with a sense that lesbianism’s time is here. We Rangers are but destiny’s midwives.


The Rangers examining flora


The Rangers walking in the Coulees


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