Day Two in the Field

November 18, 2008


The Rangers with the U of L wildlife

Our work began long before dawn, the gentle breeze caressing our faces, the sounds of the night fading into the brash bustle of the new day. Lesbian spotting requires patience and fortitude, light footfalls and a stout heart! Some would describe lesbians in Lethbridge as endangered. We prefer to think of the ecosystem here in terms of its limitless potential for growth. Yes, the rigours of professional lesbianism can be overwhelming at times, but the rewards are worth the wait! After along day assessing and addressing hundreds of Lethbridge students, after serving and servicing, protecting and prodding we feel we have begun to make real inroads here. While recruitment is in the percolating stage, yet to show any quantifiable results, the interest and passions of the student body has been sufficiently aroused so as to leave us feeling that the remainder of our time in Lethbridge will be packed with excitement and revelation. Clearly the landscape itself inspires with its undulating coulees, valleys softly rippling and fecund micro climates alive with possibilities. Night has long since fallen but our work continues.


The Rangers posing in front of the High Level Bridge


The Rangers check out the Brewery Gardens


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