Day One in the Field

November 17, 2008


The Lesbian Rangers serving lemonade to civilians at the University of Lethbridge

After arduous preparation and eager anticipation, the day has finally come!

The Lethbridge tour-of-duty has begun. We have conducted basic reconnaissance and begun to acquaint ourselves with the local flora and fauna. The student body at University of Lethbridge seems receptive, albeit skittish. They were lured into the open by our free lemonade and they lingered to admire our uniforms (several young men clearly exhibited Ranger envy).  Perhaps our rousing slide show tomorrow will further engender their trust and arouse their curiosity. It is our fervent hope that by the conclusion of our mission we will be able to hand-feed theses impressionable youths. In fact a weenie roast is planned! In the meantime, we will continue to serve as a visible example of biological diversity and uncanny posture, on the trails and on the streets.


The Rangers on location at the University of Lethbridge


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